Video Studio Reservation

Select equipment for video studio sessions.

Please review all Video Studio Policies before requesting a reservation!

Equipment Needs


Policies and Responsibilities

  • The Video Studio must be reserved in order to use the space
  • All equipment must be returned in operational condition
  • Equipment can only be used in the Video Studio, there is no check out policy
  • Be respectful of others in the DSL while using the studio
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the studio
  • Patrons are responsible for providing memory cards for studio cameras Compact Flash card type (CF) 32gb-60mb/s recommended (,, or
  • Patrons need to reschedule semester length reservations every semester. If patrons are not on the schedule and access studio without prior approval patron will lose after-hours access
  • Video Studio users are responsible for any and all content left on memory cards. Content from cards is not saved or backed-up. The Marriott Library is not responsible for content and cannot recover lost data
  • Any patron, including public visitors, must observe all Marriott Library Patron Policies and Responsibilities
  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended at any time. If you notice items left unattended, immediately turn them in at the Lost and Found located at the Level 1 Information and Security desk near the West Entrance
  • Leave the Video Studio in good order for the next user
  • Please dispose of wrappers, containers, and tissue in the proper trash receptacles. Failure to clean studio may result in loss of access
  • If there is a conflict with your reservation or an issue with the space, contact the Events and Scheduling Coordinator or Library Security at either library entrance desk. For technology-related issues, contact the Knowledge Commons desk on Level 2
  • Any patron, including public visitors, whose reservations or behaviors violate these policies, may be subject to review, their reservation(s) may be subject to cancellation, and their access to the scheduling software removed
  • Room capacities must be observed