Gould Auditorium Request Form

The Gould Auditorium can only be scheduled for library-sponsored events, and University-sponsored events no more than 90 days prior to the event. The Gould Auditorium cannot be scheduled for use by groups or individuals outside the University of Utah. It may only be scheduled during the library's normal operating hours (http://lib.utah.edu/info/hours.php). Buying or selling of goods or services, panhandling, and soliciting donations of any kind is not allowed in the library. The reserving party is responsible for any/all catering needs. Caterers should use the west entrance to access the auditorium, but are not permitted to pull up to the doors. Caterers are responsible for fees associated with parking for longer than 15 minutes. The reserving party will be charged an additional fee if the room is left excessively messy or damaged.

Requester Information

Event Information

We reserve the right to cancel any reservation without prior notice for parties who fail to follow library policies.

Reserving party is responsible for requesting Technical/AV support. The Marriott Library provides Technical/AV support for a fee and arrangements must be made 2 weeks in advance of the event date. Request Marriott Library Technical/AV support for your event in the Gould Auditorium Request Form above.

Private event rental fee - $250 per day
Excessive cleaning fee - $200 per day