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The Utah COVID-19 Story Project is for residents of Utah to share their story related to the pandemic of 2020. You are invited to share your story on how COVID-19 has affected your life and the lives of those around you. This could include your personal reactions to working or schooling from home, changes to your daily routine due to social distancing, reactions to news media reports, or your experience when those around you who fall ill. Through these types of stories, future generations will be able to view your piece in history as they learn about the triumphs and struggles that took place during this global crisis.

Everyone's story is important! Your submission could be a daily journal where you document your story through this time; an essay on your experience with the pandemic, a specific story that you want to share with others; or a history of how the pandemic has affected your family, neighborhood, or city. Choose the format of your submission that works best for you.

Please submit files as a Word Document, Google Doc, PDF file, or other text file. These files will be freely and publicly shared online for all of the world to view. Do not include private information including protected health information, addresses or phone numbers, or other personal information that should not be shared with the world.

Participation in this project is voluntary. Your name will be publicly listed with your story. You may have to reflect on sharing personal information. This risk is similar to those you experience when discussing personal information with others in person or on social media. There are no direct benefits for taking part in this project. However, we hope the stories we gather through this public digital collection will help develop a greater understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on Utah.

By clicking the submit button, you are providing consent and permission for your story to be included on this site. Stories submitted are not guaranteed to be included in the published digital collection. Items will be reviewed and subject to approval by the Marriott Library.

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The University of Utah, through its station PBS Utah or through its Marriott Library, or through another of its departments or operating units (collectively, "University"), intends to create a collection that includes photographs, personal essays, narratives, artworks or other creative works documenting community-member responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, including citizen experiences with and expressions about the "Stay Safe/Stay Home" government-issued directive and other restrictions on normal activity (the "Media Project").

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